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Signs You Need a Mouse Exterminator

When there are mice in your home, the only reliable way to get rid of them is through the use of a mice exterminator. If you’re questioning whether you have mice, there are several signs to look for. Any of these signs being present means pests are likely inside and there may be more of them than you think.

Teeth Marks and Damaged Belongings

If you wake up in the morning to scratch marks on the walls, shredded paper in a corner, or bite marks on furniture, there are likely mice in your home. Another sign is the presence of damaged wires and cords. Mice like to chew and they will damage your belongings if they are inside your home. An exterminator can get rid of them to put those problems to rest.

Sightings of Rodents

In cases where you see a mouse scurrying around, it often means there is a larger infestation. When only one or two mice are in the home, they tend to be sneaky. They’ll come out at night and look for food, water, and items to make into bedding for a nest. However, once the nest is more populated, mice need more resources and will come out into the open when people can see them.

Night Sounds

As mentioned, mice tend to run around the house at night so that’s when you’re going to hear them make noise. You could hear scratching or screeching coming from walls, ceilings, or even under the floorboards. If this kind of racket is going on at night or in the early morning, it’s time to seek out a mouse exterminator to handle things.

Droppings Throughout the Home

Whether new and shiny or old and dried up, mice droppings are a clear sign that you have rodents in your home. When droppings are piling up, this is an indication that an exterminator should come to take care of the issue. While removing the droppings is something you want to do, avoid using your bare hands. Droppings can spread disease so clean up with gloves and then sanitize the area.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s likely time to bring in a pest control specialist. Mice Mob Exterminators specialize in exterminating mice and can handle the problem and ensure your home is free of rodents. Time is of the essence because a couple of mice can soon turn into a serious infestation. Contact us today for a free quote.

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