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Nonlethal Mouse Removal Options

Nobody wants to deal with a mouse infestation. However, many people also prefer to handle mice in nonlethal ways. The good news for those who feel that way is that there are several options available to you. You can remove the mice while being humane and addressing the potential for further infestations. Read on to find out what the best options are.

Live Traps

One of the best (and more popular) nonlethal methods to handle mice is via live traps. Instead of harming the rodents, these traps simply keep them in a small space so you can release them outdoors. Most of the traps have a cage or box and a mechanism that closes the door when mice come in to grab the bait. Another benefit of live traps is that they can be reused and placed anywhere mice might be.

Ultrasonic Repellants

High-frequency sound waves and ultrasonic repellants are very uncomfortable to mice, but completely safe for you and your pets. All you need to do is plug them in and let them keep mice from coming in or getting cozy in your home. Studies show mixed results using these products, but many homeowners swear by them. They’re a good addition to other methods you might use.

Natural Deterrents

There are specific scents and particular substances that make mice want to flee your home immediately. For instance, peppermint oil has an odor that mice do not like in the slightest. Simply soaking some cotton balls in the oil gives you a great option to place in areas where you suspect mice might be active. You can also deter mice from your home by keeping it clean and avoiding having food bits around the space.

Sealed Entry Points

In addition to removing mice, it’s best to put steps in place that prevent mice from getting in to begin with. Sealing entry points near the house is a good way to avoid mice from the beginning. Look for gaps, holes, and cracks and seal them with caulk, steel wood, or other items that mice cannot get through. Make sure to look at areas like windows, doors, and utility entrances.

Professional Assistance

If you try some of the methods above or you want experts to handle the process, you should think about bringing in a pest control specialist with expertise in humane mouse removal. These experts understand mice infestations and have the tools and experience needed to handle them effectively and safely. They can use exclusion methods and live traps to remove mice without causing any harm.

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