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How Much Does Mice Extermination Cost?

Do you have mice in your home, but you’re unsure if you can afford a professional exterminator to come out and handle the problem? Money is a concern for many people looking to rid their homes of mice. Knowing what to expect is best so you aren’t shocked by the final bill. 

However, there isn’t a flat cost that everyone pays. Instead, some factors determine how much the extermination will cost

Factors That Determine Extermination Price

Three main factors will determine the cost of your extermination process. 

Infestation Size

A large mice infestation will require more supplies and labor hours than a smaller one. The price for a smaller infestation will start around $200, depending on your location. Larger infestations can cost around $600 to remove, depending on what’s required. 

Larger infestations will also likely cause the cost of rodent exclusion to be higher. Rodent exclusion is the process of sealing the entry points around your home to ensure mice won’t get back in. Larger infestations typically mean more entry points need to be closed. 

Infestation Location

The overall cost will likely be lower if the mice are located somewhere easy to reach. These areas are places like your home’s yard, shed, or occupied rooms. However, harder-to-reach nests will typically cost more to remove. These locations are places like your basement, ceiling, foundation, attic, or in your walls. 

The Use of Live Traps

Live traps cost more for the exterminator to use than traditional snap traps. Choosing the humane form of extermination will bring your overall total up due to the higher cost of the traps. Live traps will also typically require a travel fee for relocating the mice. 

How to Know What Your Service Will Cost

The best way to know exactly how much your mice extermination service will cost is to have a professional investigate the issue. Mice Mob Exterminators offers a free estimate for all services. This will give you a good idea of the financial requirements to remove the mice from your home permanently.  

The Takeaway

DIY mice removal may seem like the right choice at first glance due to the difference in cost. However, professional removal will ensure that the removal is complete and permanent. Mice Mob Exterminators offers a guarantee that the extermination you pay for will be a permanent one. The peace of mind is well worth the cost for professional mice extermination. 

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