Types of Rodents

The Most Common Rodents to Invade Your Home and What to Do About Them

Unfortunately, rodent infestations are fairly common in this day and age, especially in cities and suburban areas. These pests can spread disease, cause property damage, and make your home less safe to live in. Knowing which rodents are the most common gives you insight into how to handle them in terms of pest control and keeping a healthy living space.

1. House Mice

House mice (mus musculus) are the most common rodents to end up in homes all around the world. They are small and adaptable so they can easily get into small holes. This makes them particularly challenging to keep out. They largely shelter in dark basements, attics, or wall spaces. Some signs of a house mouse infestation include gnaw marks on food packages, droppings, and sightings of rodents.

Seal cracks in foundations, floors, and walls to prevent these mice. Sanitation and the use of bait stations and traps are also useful for them.

2. Norway Rats

Norway rats (rattus norvegicus) are known as brown rats. They are larger than house mice and are most commonly found in crawl spaces, basements, and garbage locations. They are good at swimming and climbing, which means they can get around a house through sewer lines and walls. These rodents are known for structural damage since they chew on insulation, wires, and pipes. 

Sealing entry points and keeping the outdoors clean can help keep these rats away. Traps and rodenticides may be used but can be risky around kids and pets.

3. Roof Rats

Roof rats (rattus rattus) are black rats and tend to nest in trees, attics, and overgrown bushes. They can easily enter the home from utility lines, vents, and roofs. These pests are nocturnal, and you may know they are there when you see droppings near food sources or hear scratching noises up in the attic.

The same prevention methods as for Norway rats work here. Traps and baits may work but exterminators tend to be the better option to prevent them from coming back.

Consider the Need for an Exterminator

Minor infestations might be rectified with DIY techniques, but anything bigger often needs the help of an exterminator. These experts are trained to understand how serious an infestation is, where rodents are nesting, and how to control the problem. They know the latest techniques and tools and will help you remove rodents without any risks to your home. Contact us to learn more today!

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