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How and Why Do Mice Get Into Homes?

Regardless of the season, you might find yourself with mice sharing a home with you. It’s common for them to seek shelter in the winter as the weather gets harsher and temperatures drop. However, this isn’t the only reason mice head inside. They also come in looking for food and water which are in abundance in our houses.

Knowing what mice are looking for can give you ideas for how to make your home less desirable to them. But it’s also useful to know how mice tend to get into your warm house.

Using the Garage

If the garage doors are left open all day long, this creates an easy entryway for mice to make it into your home. This is especially common if the garage is attached to your home. The best way to avoid pests coming in through the garage is to keep it closed whenever it’s not in use. Even if someone is outdoors working, the garage door should be closed.

Through Walls and Windows

Mice are very small and have a unique body shape that lets them get through small cracks, holes, and gaps. This allows the mice to make their way through cracks in the wall or openings in the window. And once mice get in, they’re going to start having babies. Soon, you could have an infestation to worry about. Rather than going through that, fill holes with caulk to keep the pests out.

Utilizing Vent Holes

Another area that mice can get in is through vent holes, like those for dryers and other appliances. The ventilation is essential for operation, but it also leaves the home open to things that live outside. If you want a way to prevent this kind of issue, add a screen to the vents so nothing can come through them.

Out of Sewer Lines

Rodents are very good swimmers so it’s far from uncommon for them to come out of sewer lines into the house. Make sure that all your drain pipes are capped to avoid giving them a way into your home. It’s especially important to look in areas where an uninstalled toilet or a sink is located.

Mice have plenty of reason to search out your home as their own. It’s warm, it has plentiful water, and food is easy to find. If you’ve noticed mice in your home, the best step to take is to call Mice Mob Exterminators. Our professionals can find the mice, rid your home of them, and give you advice on keeping them from coming back. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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