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The Benefit of Professional Exterminators

Mice often enter residential homes, especially during the cold winter months. If you’ve found a mice infestation, trying to remove the issue alone can be tempting to save money. However, hiring a professional exterminator for your rodent issue is much better. Mice will build nests in your home, reproduce, and create a more significant problem than you may have realized. 

Below are the five biggest reasons you should hire a professional exterminator instead of trying to handle your infestation alone. 

Mice Are Persistent

Mice are small and can easily squeeze under doors or other areas with gaps the size of a quarter. They can fit into spaces that you would never think possible. This lets them sneak around and hide without being seen. They usually run around mainly in the dark, so you won’t see them until there are a lot of them inside. 

Mice Breed Quickly

A female mouse can have more than 60 babies in one year. While most mice won’t live more than two years, that’s still more than a hundred babies per female in your home. What was once only a couple of mice can quickly become an overrun of the rodents in your home. 

Mice Are Destructive

Mice will chew on everything. Whether it’s furniture, wires, clothing, paper, books, or wood, it’s at risk if you have an infestation. Mice can also chew through many food packages and contaminate the food they encounter. This brings us to the next concern. 

Mice Carry Diseases

Mice run through your house and drop their waste everywhere. They also carry germs and diseases on their little paws, leaving contaminants everywhere they walk. The germs can spread to you and your family and can cause illness. If someone in your home has a vulnerable immune system, they are even more at risk of severe complications from the exposure. 

Mice Will Return

More than anything, mice will likely return to their indoor environment when you run them off. Trappings can remove one or two mice but won’t handle the entire colony of mice. Only professionals can ensure the whole population is removed and won’t return. 

Let Mice Mob Help

If you have mice in your home, get Mice Mob Exterminators over immediately. Our technicians will locate the issue and develop a plan to get the mice out of your home for good. While you may deliver a temporary solution, Mice Mob can provide a permanent one. 

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