Mouse Proofing

Mouse-Proofing Your Home Starts with These Tips

Mouse infestations can be a real plan, especially when those mice cause damage or make someone in the home sick. Keeping these pesky rodents out is the best way to ensure your home is clean and safe for everyone. We’ll be sharing several ways that you can mouse-proof your home and avoid any mice running around.

Cut Off Entry Points

The first way to keep mice out is to ensure they have no entry points you aren’t aware of. The issue is that mice can get in tiny holes, so you need to inspect the house for gaps, cracks, and holes. Some places to check are near pipes, doors, utility lines, and windows. Seal these spots with hardware cloth, steel wool, or caulk to keep the mice away.

Store Food Properly

Mice have to eat, too, so they’re going straight for any food sources. Making sure your food is properly stored and the kitchen is clean is essential. Food should be placed in airtight containers and there should be no crumbs or messes on the floors or countertops. Sweep crumbs and clean up liquids as soon as possible to avoid attracting mice.

Do a Round of Decluttering

If your home is filled with clutter, mice will use it as a way to hide. This can make it more challenging to realize you have an infestation until it’s larger and more problematic. Keeping rooms tidy, clearing out piles of papers and boxes, and organizing storage areas can go a long way in your quest to avoid mice. Lack of clutter means you’ll see mice quickly if they get inside.

Consider Sweeps and Screens

Adding sweeps to doors and screens to windows can help prevent mice from getting into your home. Sweeps are used to close the gap between the threshold and the bottom of the door, while screens make it harder for mice to get in through your windows. Just adding these inexpensive items will significantly reduce the chances that mice get inside to cause trouble.

Work with Exterminators When Needed

Sometimes, exterminators are the best option you have to keep mice out. Plus, they can come in and deal with an infestation and provide you with tips on preventing the issue from happening again. If you mouse-proof the home and rodents still get in, calling the professionals is the best option to move forward.

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