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Spotlight on Mouse Pest Control

The best way to have mouse pest control in Chicago is to prevent an infestation before you ever see a mouse in the house. As your mouse exterminator can attest to, there are a few simple ways you can mouse-proof your home and property. By using these tips, hopefully, you will never have to deal with a mouse infestation.

  • Be sure your yard, basement, and attic are clear of any large debris or garbage. Mice will make these dark and quiet areas home for their nests if left unchecked for long.
  • Keep your foodstuffs sealed tightly. Any dry foods—like cereals, oatmeal, or flour—are popular foods for mice. Also, keep fruits and vegetables stored correctly, and remove them from the counter or pantry before they begin to rot.
  • Locate water sources the mice might use, such as a dripping hose or faucet, damaged filtration systems, or standing puddles of water. Remove or fix these water sources for effective mouse proofing.
  • When in doubt, call your mouse exterminator. He can do a thorough check of your property for mice and set up effective mouse control techniques.
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