Mouse Proofing

Unexpected Mouse Points of Entry

The Chicago area has its share of rodent intruders – and there are at least three common types of mice that may be looking to invade your property. You may think you have your house or commercial property sealed up, but mice can take advantage of extremely small spaces and find a way to enter. 

As a property owner, whether you’re concerned about your home or your business, you’ll need to be aware of the ways in which mice can find a tiny entry and cause big problems.

Why It’s a Problem

At a quick glance, it might seem like you’ve eliminated all potential mouse doorways. In fact, you may have even done a quick property evaluation to find large holes that a mouse could walk through. 

However, mice can squeeze into an opening as small as ¼” wide. Once inside your property, mice cause a host of issues like contaminating food and surfaces, and they can even spread disease. They’re happy to eat many different types of foods, leave droppings, and reproduce quickly. They can chew through a variety of materials, causing damage to wood, fabric, metal, foam, plastic, or even wires and cabling.

What Can an Exterminator Do?

As experienced exterminators, we have the knowledge to find points of entry where you least expect them. We know the best way to close and seal these points to reduce the chances that you’ll see a second infestation in your property. We begin with a detailed inspection that will allow us to determine how mice are finding their way in, then we use galvanized steel to ensure the openings are properly secured. Finally, we disinfect to kill any germs, bacteria, or odors left behind by rodents.

We’re happy to take a closer look at your property to determine if you have cause for concern, or begin the extermination process if you know you have a rodent issue. Call us for a consultation to get started.

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