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Mouse Control Services in Chicagoland

Looking for pristine Chicagoland mouse control services? We ensure that you receive top quality service through our thorough, step by step process. With more than two decades of experience, our company has developed practices that address the root causes of mice infestations in your home or Business. Not only do mice cause practical problems like property damage and unwanted noise, they also pose potential health hazards.

Our Process

Whether you are a pestered professional or a hassled home owner, we can take of your mice problem. We guarantee it! After our initial inspection and assessment, all our personalized pest solutions incorporate three main aspects of service:

  • Mice Infestation Inspection: We thoroughly inspect and identity the root cause of your mouse infestation by accessing your building to locate the infestation points.
  • Mice Removal: We begin the process of removing your mice. This requires the use of a variety of specialized techniques unique to Mice Mob Exterminators to permanently remove the mice from your home or business. We will then begin the mouse-proofing process.
  • Disinfection: Lastly, but most importantly, we proceed with disinfecting the entire your entire work or living space which would remove the scents and scent trails of the mice. This not only ensures a fresh-smelling living or working environment, but also prevents old scent trails from attracting new pests. Our team also offers restorative services for your space. Mice infestations can be extremely harmful to your home or facility and inflict significant property damage. We offer restorative services that leave your building without any trace of mice.

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Mice Mob Exterminators - BBB Accredited Business - BBB Rating A+
Mice Mob Exterminators - BBB Accredited Business - BBB Rating A+

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