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Understanding the Risk of Salmonella from Mouse Infestations

Mice may seem like nothing more than pests to humans, but for many they represent a dangerous infestation. As mice damage areas around the home, they not only destroy your property, but they may also cause someone to contract salmonella. Mouse proofing, however, can prevent this dangerous infestation from taking root in a house or family. Here is a closer look at how ineffective mouse proofing in Chicago can possibly lead to a salmonella outbreak.

What Is Salmonella?

Salmonella is the bacteria that causes the infection known as salmonellosis. The salmonella bacteria is found in many places, including certain raw foods, animal droppings, and in the water tanks of certain pets. If a human develops salmonellosis, they will likely experience severe stomach issues, including diarrhea, cramps, and a possible fever. Though these symptoms and the illness should only last about three days to a week, children and elderly adults may become sicker and in need of more aggressive treatment. Speak with a doctor if the salmonellosis infection is suspected.

How Do Mice Carry Salmonella?

Mice, other rodents, and reptiles can commonly carry the salmonella bacteria within their digestive system. Even pet mice are in danger of carrying this bacteria and transferring it to their owners. Mice will not show symptoms or be affected by the salmonella bacteria, but they can still put humans in danger. Though salmonella is naturally carried in mice’s intestines, mouse proofing and mouse elimination can help prevent the spread of salmonella to humans in the house.

How Do Mice Transfer Salmonella?

Salmonella is naturally found in mice and is eliminated from their body through their feces. If an infected mouse in the house leaves its droppings, they risk contaminating various other areas of the house. Mice can spread salmonella while cleaning themselves after touching their droppings or even by touching areas nearby, such as countertops or cage walls. Humans become exposed to the salmonella germ by touching these areas or the mice feces without proper protection. This can be avoided by effective mouse proofing and always handling mice and droppings with protective gloves.

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