Mice Infestation

Vulnerable Structural Spots for Mouse Entry

The best way to keep mice from taking shelter in your home or commercial property is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Unfortunately, mice are excellent at finding vulnerable spots in your house, and throughout your property, that can provide access to warm and cozy spaces they can transform into their own homes.

What Are Mouse-Sized Holes?

Mice are able to squeeze into holes that are much smaller than they are. In fact, mice are able to fit into holes that are as small as a dime. It can be nearly impossible to find all the dime-sized holes around your foundation and property, but taking time to fill these holes can save you the hassle of a mouse infestation later.

Where to Begin Your Search

You can begin to search for holes and other vulnerable spots on your property by starting from the bottom and working to the top. Your foundation can offer entry to mice and other rodents, and your foundation is also susceptible to the harsh Chicago winters. Cold temperatures can create building materials, like concrete, to expand and contract over time, creating holes ideal for mice to enter.

After you look at your foundation, inspect your siding and then your roof. Don’t forget to look at your window wells and stairs during your inspection as well. Remember, even a dime-sized hole should be filled in order to prevent mice.

Get Professional Assistance

Even the most observant homeowner may not be able to find every potential entry point on their property. Holes mice use in the springtime may not have been there when you inspected the property in the fall. Therefore, if you do notice any signs of mice in your home, it is important to call in professional and experienced exterminators immediately.

The team at Mice Mob Exterminators has years of experience working with home and property owners throughout the Chicagoland area. We will take care of your immediate issue and then help you prevent further problems in the future.

Call us today to hear more about our services.

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