As you begin to pull out holiday decorations from your attic or garage this month, you might notice a few signs of wear and tear on your trusty storage devices. Instead of making a plan to organize your holiday storage in the summertime, commit to doing it now, while you are pulling it out and emptying the bins. Choosing to ditch damaged storage containers and use more durable totes can pay off in organization, and in decreasing the chance of inadvertently attracting rodents to your holiday festivities.

It’s true – mice and other rodents often find holiday decorations incredibly tempting to use as a permanent home. Your seasonal decorations are relatively undisturbed throughout the year, offering protection and warmth that rodents crave. Even better, those old macaroni art ornaments from your child’s second-grade class are delicious for rodents searching for a morsel to eat. Keep rodents away from your holiday decoration stash with a few of our tips.

Durable Containers Are Key
Your holiday decorations should be stored in durable, and tamper-resistant containers. Plastic bins work well, but only if you have the matching lid that snaps securely to the top. Resist using garbage bags, as rodents can chew through them quicker than you can say “happy holidays”.

Keep Food Out Of It
We know you aren’t storing your leftovers in your holiday storage bins, but food items can sneak past you if you aren’t looking. Once mice find a source of food, they descend quickly, so be sure you are eliminating any decoration that has food, like that gingerbread ornament your neighbor made for you last year.

Clean It Out
Every year, when you take out your decorations, take an inventory of what you are actually using. We all have a tendency to accumulate holiday decorations quickly because we don’t take the opportunity to thin it out each year. Go ahead and donate or toss decorations that are no longer your style or that you don’t really like anymore. Once your bins are cleared out and the halls are decked, wipe the outside and inside of your storage containers with a washcloth.

Look for Signs of Rodents
Finally, while you are in your attic or garage pulling out your decorations, use the time to look around for signs of rodents. Look for droppings or chew marks throughout your decorations as well as throughout your attic.

If you find signs of rodents, don’t wait to take care of it. Call the team at Mice Mob Exterminators; we have years of experience eliminating rodents from Chicagoland homes and businesses. We will work with you to get rid of your mouse problems and prevent them from returning.

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