Mice Infestation

Got a Mouse Problem? Understand What You’re Dealing With

Mouse proofing in Chicago doesn’t just offer you peace of mind; it can actually make your home substantially safer. Even at the first signs of mice, you might already be experiencing the problems that they can bring with them into the home. If you’ve got a mouse problem, watch this video to understand exactly what you could be experiencing.

One reason mouse prevention is so difficult is that these tiny critters can fit into minuscule spaces comparable to the size of a dime. They’re also nifty and acrobatic, able to climb directly up walls and jump almost a foot into the air. A mouse can defecate more than 50 times per day, and a female can also give birth to a dozen babies in less than a month. If you’re interested in mouse proofing, it is best to start before any mice find a way inside your home.

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