When a house and family suffer a mice infestation near Chicago, the damages can be extensive. Without effective mouse-proofing, mice can enter a home and damage furniture, linens, food, and the home’s interior. When mice damage a house, what can homeowners do? Here is a homeowner’s guide to mouse-related property damage and what can be done to prevent it:

Mouse-Related Damage
Mice can damage a house in multiple ways. They may gnaw and tear at upholstered furniture, leave droppings and urine, and contaminate food. Mice can tear through electrical wires, insulation, cardboard boxes, linens, and even wood. If mice chew through a wire, a fire could start. If mice contaminate food with their droppings and urine, humans and animals could suffer from various diseases like the Hantavirus. Mice can cause damage wherever they go in a house, so it is essential they be removed as soon as possible.

Insurance Coverage
Most insurance policies do not cover mice-specific damage in a home or on a property. A mice infestation is considered a house maintenance issue, meaning the homeowner is responsible for mouse control through mouse-proofing and extermination. However, if a fire started due to chewed wiring, then homeowner’s insurance may cover the damages. It is always smart to speak with a qualified insurance agent for all damage-related questions.

Mouse Extermination
If a mice infestation has begun, then it is necessary to call a qualified mouse exterminator. A mouse exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection of the house to determine the level of infestation and damage. Through various preventative tools and disinfection, the mouse exterminator will remove the mice from the house.

Mouse Prevention
To prevent mice from returning to the house, effective mice control is in order. Have a qualified mouse exterminator conduct regular inspections of the house to locate any signs of mice. Keep nearby water and food sources closed off to potential invasion. Plug up any holes or gaps in the house to deter mice from entering.

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