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The Most Effective Mouse Removal Techniques

Mice infestations can be a serious issue. They often come back, whether to businesses or homes. They can contaminate food and create property damage as well as pose health risks. Using the best mouse removal techniques is key to keeping your environment safe. Today, we’ll explore the most effective options you have at your disposal.

Prevention Is Half the Battle

Prevention is a big part of keeping mouse infestations from ever existing to start with. That means you need to seal gaps, cracks, and holes in foundations, floors, and walls. Why? Because mice will find them and use them to get inside. Keep your food stored in proper containers and keep the kitchen and dining room spotless. Inspecting the area for signs of mice is also useful at this stage.

Consider Baits and Traps

When people want to capture and kill mice, they often choose bait and traps. Snap traps can be useful to kill single mice, or you can use glue traps when you don’t want to have poison nearby (such as in food preparation areas). While poison baits can get rid of mice, they are going to be dangerous for your children and pets.

Try Ultrasonic Repellants

An ultrasonic repellant is a device that puts out high-frequency noises that mice hate, which may help with driving them out of your home. Studies are split on whether they work but many homeowners note they seem to have a positive effect. It wouldn’t hurt to add one to your other removal techniques just in case it’s the key to getting those mice out.

Put Out Natural Repellants

Numerous items can be used as natural repellants for mice. Some of the most common include cloves, vinegar, and peppermint oil. These substances are believed to move mice on due to the strong odors they emit. You can choose to place them near entry points or any areas where you think mice might be living. While not as strong as other removal methods, they are non-toxic and natural for those who prefer that route.

A Combination of Techniques Works Best

Effectively keeping the mice out requires a combination of techniques, such as preventative options, DIY steps, and professional assistance. While minor infestations can be cleared up easily, larger or recurring issues may require the help of an exterminator. Using a combination approach helps you address the causes of infestation and handle the mice that might be lingering around. Contact us today to learn more!

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