Prevent Mice

Want to Prevent Mice? Eliminate These Things from Your Kitchen

Having mice scurrying about the kitchen is a nightmare for anyone. The pests can contaminate your food and even damage your home. Preventing mice is the best way to avoid these issues. Nowhere is that more important than the kitchen, where mice are attracted by all the tasty things that might be lying around. Get rid of the things below to avoid rodents.

Food Sources

Mice love kitchens because there is so much food there. Spilled grain, crumbs, and open containers full of treats are all going to bring in mice who want full bellies. You want to avoid that so make sure you store food in proper containers, get rid of spills, and clean the kitchen regularly.


Clutter in the house can provide mice with spots to hide as well as materials to build nests. This makes your kitchen even more exciting to the rodents. There are plenty of ways to prevent clutter, such as clearing out unneeded items, organizing cabinets, and sealing entry points such as gaps near baseboards or appliances. 

Standing Water

Food is important but mice also need water to live. Even small drops can be enough to keep them thriving. Dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and standing water in sinks can all give mice the water they need. Even trays under plants can be a source of moisture for these pests. Drying up spills and fixing leaks is essential to keep mice from taking over your kitchen. 

Pet Food

If you leave pet food out in bowls, it will attract mice just like human food. It’s a good idea to feed your pets at specific times and then remove any food they don’t eat. Instead of having food out in bags, store it in a sealed container that mice will have trouble getting into.


Kitchen trash is beloved by mice, so you want to get rid of it fast. It acts as food and can be used for nests so it’s one of the most important things to take care of. Make sure your garbage cans have tight lids and that you empty them often. Metal trash cans that mice can’t chew through are also recommended. 

Work with Exterminators to Prevent and Remove Mice

Keeping mice out of the kitchen requires attention and work. Eliminating food, clutter, water, and pet food is half the battle. You also want to properly manage garbage to avoid attracting mice. However, if you already have an infestation, it’s time to work with an exterminator who can provide solutions and get your home back in the best possible shape. Contact us to learn more today!

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