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Chicagoland Mouse Control and Removal

Mice Mob Exterminators is a team of fully licensed, trained, and experienced inspectors and technicians that specialize in mouse control. Our mouse control experts arrive at your facility, prepared to conduct a full inspection. Our team first identifies the animal that has invaded your property. Knowing the species can help us locate all possible access points on the structure, which we seal after the pest removal.

Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home

Effective and complete mouse control hinges on identifying and eliminating entry points where mice can access your home. Mice Mob Exterminators employs permanent solutions, including the use of galvanized steel to cover openings securely and prevent mice from re-entering your home no matter how hard they try. Some of the most common areas where mice can enter your home include:

  • Small cracks and holes in your siding, around doors and windows, or in your foundation.
  • Missing or damaged shingles, flashing, or vents on your roof, especially if you have large overhanging trees.
  • Gaps between your roof, your eaves, and the siding of your home.
  • Openings in your home that accommodate vents or plumbing pipes.
  • Poorly-sealed openings and repair work—mice can chew through foam, caulk, rubber, and wood, which is why the use of galvanized steel in these areas is necessary to prevent re-entry into your home.
  • Damaged or loose screens on your windows or doors.

Three Key Factors In Effective Mouse Removal

In addition to mouse proofing your home, you should perform regular inspections to look for signs of mice infestation. Your mice exterminator understands how many key factors and mouse behaviors affect the mouse removal process to ensure long-term success.

  1. Simply setting traps in random areas of your home is not an effective way to catch mice. If you choose to trap mice, your exterminator can determine the best location for traps to increase their success rate and eliminate the mice causing trouble in your home.
  2. Removing all sources of food and water makes your home less appealing to mice now and in the future. Your exterminator will help you identify problem areas and show you how to address them.
  3. Ongoing inspections are necessary to ensure mice have not returned and handle any recurrences immediately before they can turn into larger problems. Your exterminator will schedule periodic check-ups to make sure all mouse removal and mouse proofing solutions are still working effectively.

After all mice are removed, and the inspection and development of your personalized plan are created, we seal and reinforce all possible points of entry. Sealant materials are animal-proof and are not meant as a temporary fix. Our mouse control services include a guarantee anywhere from one year up to a lifetime. We schedule a return appointment only to rodent proof and/or service traps if that’s the method of treatment used.

If you’re ready to enjoy a mouse proof house in the Chicago area, contact Mice Mob Exterminators today at 847-744-9990 to request a free estimate for 100% permanent mouse removal.

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Mice Mob Exterminators - BBB Accredited Business - BBB Rating A+

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