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Pantry Protection Tips to Keep Mice Away this Winter

Mice love to reside in your home during the cold winter months. Houses provide protection and food for these rodents, making them a great place to build a nest. To prevent this unwanted infestation, there are precautions you need to take. 

One of the most prominent attractions in your home is food. Mice are attracted to food they can easily access, making your pantry a target location for them to dwell in. Due to the germs and diseases mice carry, you don’t want these rodents anywhere near your family’s food. 

Follow the steps below to protect your pantry from unwanted rodents this winter. 

Close Entry Points

Ensure any holes or gaps in your pantry’s walls, ceiling, floor, or door are closed quickly. Stuff the cracks with wire, duct tape, caulk, or steel wool because mice can’t chew through these. A mouse can fit through a hole as small as a quarter, so be diligent about closing any gaps you find. 

Clean the Space

At least once a month, do a deep clean of your pantry space. Mice are attracted to food crumbs, including those left behind from packaged food in your pantry. Clean the shelves of your pantry with a household cleaner and warm water. 

If you suspect you have mice in your home, wear gloves while cleaning to protect yourself from mouse droppings or urine that may be in the pantry. In addition to this deep clean, wipe your kitchen counters and tabletops and sweep the kitchen floor daily. 

Check Your Food

Every few weeks, remove all the food in your pantry. This is most easily done while deep cleaning the area. Check all your packages for expiration dates and throw away spoiled food. While doing so, look for signs of mice, like chewing damage to packaging and mouse droppings. 

As an added guard, put your food in sealed storage containers that mice can’t chew through. This will keep them from encountering your food if they’re in your pantry. 


If you suspect mice in your pantry or any other area of your home, contact Mice Mob Exterminators for an inspection. Our team will evaluate the concerning areas and handle any rodent infestation you have. This will get your home back to normal quickly and keep your food safe from mice.

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