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Mice Infestation & Inspection

Be Cautious of Mice in Your Chicagoland Home

A mice infestation is an unpleasant thought for any homeowner; mice can cause damage to your property and your belongings, as well as pose a significant health hazard to friends, family, and visitors. The key to handling an infestation quickly is knowing when you have mice in your home—Mice Mob Exterminators can help you identify a house mice infestation near Chicago, IL, as well as deliver prompt mouse control and mouse proofing to keep your home safe and secure from these pests.

Common Signs of a Mice Infestation

Mice can often inhabit your home without ever being seen. There are several other signs that you may have house mice in your home; as soon as you spot any suspicious signs, call a mice elimination service for professional help.

  • Mouse droppings look like small brown or black grains of rice. You may also notice dark urine stains or a musky scent in some areas of your home.
  • Mice must constantly gnaw on hard materials to keep the growth of their teeth in check. They may leave gnaw marks on woodwork, furniture, cords, or packaged food.
  • Even if you never see a mouse, you may still hear mice moving through the interior spaces between your walls and above your ceiling. Many homeowners dealing with a mice infestation report scuttling or gnawing sounds, particularly at night, which is when mice are most active.

Performing a Mice Inspection

In addition to mouse proofing your home, you should perform regular inspections to look for signs of mice infestation. Checking every inch of your home means you’ll spot the earliest signs that you need a professional mice exterminator.

  • Start by inspecting the exterior of your home, looking for any small holes or cracks through which mice may enter. Mice especially like cluttered or overgrown areas near your foundation, so take special care when inspecting these areas.
  • Inside your home, look for visible signs of mice, such as gnaw marks or oil trails, along your baseboards and stairs. You should also check under sinks and inside cabinets for signs of activity or nesting.
  • Check your pantry for signs of mouse activity, such as opened or gnawed packaging, missing food, and holes in corners through which mice may access your staples at night.
  • If you have an attic or basement, it’s especially important to check these areas, particularly if you don’t frequent them. Mice often nest in secluded, quiet areas and may leave behind visible damage to insulation, drywall, and carpeting.

You can reach Mice Mob Exterminators at 847-744-9990 to explore your mice infestation solutions in Chicago, IL.

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