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The Problem with Glue Traps for Mice Elimination

If you see mice in your home, you probably want a quick way to remove them. You’ll come across glue traps when you look for traps to place. While these traps may be a popular choice among homeowners, there are a lot of problems with using this method to get rid of mice. 

What Are Glue Traps?

A glue trap is made of cardboard, plastic, or another material and then coated with a strong adhesive that will attach to any animal that touches it. The trap doesn’t immediately kill the animal, so you will need to monitor the trap often so you can dispose of any caught animals before they endure extended suffering. 

Why Glue Traps Are Problematic

Glue traps have a lot of controversy surrounding them due to how they work. There are two main concerns with glue traps, which will be explored below. 

Glue Traps Are Cruel

Once an animal is stuck in a glue trap, it won’t be able to free itself. Mice may break bones, chew limbs, or suffer other injuries while stuck in the trap. If an animal is stuck in the trap, it will eventually starve to death without intervention. This process can take days, leading to drawn-out suffering versus humane euthanasia

If an animal does manage to free itself, it will likely suffer from broken bones, bleeding from skin loss, or even loss of limbs. This can lead to suffering and leave the animal prone to dangerous situations once it returns to the wild. 

Glue Traps Will Catch Anything

While you may be laying glue traps out to catch mice, that doesn’t mean that’s all that can get caught in it. Other animals, such as birds and squirrels, have been caught in these traps. Though this isn’t the intended use, these animals will suffer the same trauma a mouse would suffer if caught in the trap. 

What to Do Instead?

Instead of placing problematic glue traps around your home, opt for a safe and humane way to remove mice. Contact Mice Mob Exterminators for help removing any rodents in your house. Our team of exterminators can come out, assess the concerns, and humanely handle the infestation. You won’t have to worry about the safety concerns of glue traps or other DIY removal options. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly return to a mouse-free way of life with the help of professionals. 

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