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Why Pest Control Measures are Important in Winter

Many people assume that during the winter months, pest control isn’t necessary because everything dies after the freeze. Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. And if nothing else, pest control during the winter months can prepare you for the upcoming warm weather and allow you to proactively fight off pests so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on removal and remediation efforts.

For starters, where do you think all the insects, mice, and other pests go when it gets cold outside? They look for somewhere warm, of course. And if they’re hanging out around your house, that warm place could be your kitchen, your bathroom, or even on your walls and floors, depending on the pest.

In climates where temperatures freeze during the winter months, homeowners need to watch for indoor mice and rats, as well as wood-destroying insects that could be hiding in the home’s construction and slowly destroying things from the inside. Look for spider webs and nests, as well as other dormant infestations. They might be dormant now, but come spring, you could have thousands of bugs on your hands.

Just as you do in the spring and summer months, you should have a plan for pest control and prevention in the winter months. This could include treatments and solutions that you have implemented before the winter months set in, as well as maintenance treatments in between to keep the pests at bay longer.

You can also avoid serious pest issues by:

  • Storing food properly and sealing all dry goods
  • Replacing any loose mortar or joints in concrete or brickwork
  • Replacing weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Storing firewood at least 20 feet from the home.
  • Eliminate indoor moisture
  • Install screen vents for chimneys and repair damaged screens on the house
  • Get rid of clutter because rodents love a good pile to get lost in

Whether you’ve got pests infiltrating the home that you need to have removed or you’re just trying to prevent that from happening, winter pest control is a must-have service. Make sure that you connect with Mice Mob Exterminators who will be able to deliver the year-round support that you need to protect your home and family from all types of pests, big and small. Then, when spring comes, you’ll have faith that you’ll avoid infestations because you’re prepared for them and will need less future work to keep pests away.

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