Mice Infestation

3 Signs You Have Mice in Your Walls

Mice aren’t inherently bad but having them in your home can be a huge issue. They spread disease and can cause serious damage to the home. Just because you’ve never seen a mouse scurrying around your home, that doesn’t mean they aren’t present. Mice can hide in places like the walls and only come out at night.

If you want to determine whether you have a mouse infestation, check out these signs that mice may be in the walls.


Mice don’t spend all day in the walls so they’re bound to defecate and urinate around the house. In fact, mice make 50 or more droppings every day. If you have a mice infestation, look for rodent feces below appliances, in cabinets, or in other areas where rodents might be.

The droppings will be pellet-shaped and dark with pointed ends. Urine will have a bad odor and leave stains that you’re sure to notice. This is one of the clearest signs that mice have taken up residence in your home.


Mice are characterized by their super strong teeth. They can gnaw through wood, plastic, wires, and more, which presents a fire hazard. While the mice might be in your walls, they’ll nest in warm areas such as near appliances or the attic. They create tunnels and holes of about an inch in diameter that you may notice.

Watch for these small holes in insulation and other things to get an idea of whether mice have created tunnels. Check near water heaters, furnaces, stoves, and dishwashers.


Listen for the sounds of mice in the night and morning when everything else is quiet. You can hear their movements and scratching through walls, ceilings, and vents. Keep in mind that amplification might make it seem as if you’re hearing a larger animal.

Want to be sure the noise is coming from a mouse? Take your hand and tap against the wall in the area where you hear the noise. If it’s a mouse, the noises will stop but then start up again quite soon afterward.

Did you see any of the signs listed above? If so, it’s the right time to bring in Mice Mob Exterminators. This person can inspect the house to see if mice are there. If they are, they will choose a solution to get rid of them so you can feel safe and secure in your home once again.

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