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Getting Rid of Mice in Walls

Mice don’t like to be seen. They are like “mini sasquatches” of the home, seen in blurs out of the corner of your eye most of the time. You see signs of them. Tracks in flour, droppings, etc. and you know they are there. However, you aren’t sure where they live in your home.

You will find that most of the time, they like the hidden areas. If they can get into the walls, this is one of their preferred places to stay. They can get into tight areas that you might not think they could possibly fit into. Once they are nested in your walls, they will generally stay there until the lights are out at night. They come out to look for food.

What Can You Do?

You can’t rip open all of the walls in your house just looking for mice and their nests. What you can do is try to figure out where they are living, so you can set traps. For these traps to be effective, they need to be set up along areas where the mice are going to frequent. A lot of times, homeowners put the traps in the wrong places, and they never get any of the mice.

You aren’t going to lure the mice out of the walls and keep them out on your own in most cases. If you use poison, it could mean that the mice go back into the walls and die, which will end up causing some terrible smells later—especially if there are a lot of mice. Using poison could also mean that your pets or your children are at risk.

Work with a Professional Exterminator

When you see signs of mice in your home, you can’t ignore them. When you find that trying to trap them on your own just doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the professionals. Have exterminators come to your home. They can often pinpoint the areas where the mice are living in the walls and can find ways to get them out of the walls to exterminate them.

You don’t want to live with mice in the house, as they can be more dangerous than you realize. They can spread disease, bite your pets and your kids, get into the food, chew wires, etc. The sooner you contact Mice Mob Exterminators, you can get rid of the mice in the wall.

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