Mice Infestation

Signs A Mouse Is Chewing On Your Home

At night, when the house is quiet, you’ll sometimes hear sounds coming from inside a wall or ceiling. Mice, for being as small as they are, are surprisingly noisy. “Quiet as a mouse” often includes scratching, scurrying, and chewing. You might even hear squeaks and chirps. When mice move into your walls or ceiling, they start making the area their own, and this means continuous scratching or chewing on wood, insulation, and whatever other materials are in there.

Mouse Hole

In comics and movies, a mouse hole is perfectly formed, with a nice symmetrical arch. In real life, an access passage from inside the wall to inside your living area is formed by chewing at the wood, and the resulting hole is irregular and rough around the edges. Look at your baseboards. Pay attention to roughly shaped openings, especially in the corners of the room. The same goes for kitchen cabinets and wiring. Watch for very small, irregular scratch marks.


Any time mice chew on your house, there will be small piles of wood fiber or dust. Sometimes these go unnoticed since they remain inside walls or ceilings. However, sometimes unexplained wood shavings or drywall dust can tip you off to mouse activity. You may even find nesting materials in the dark recesses of your home.

Droppings And Urine

Wherever mice spend any time, they will leave droppings and urine. A chewing location is always going to involve a lot of the mouse’s time. After noticing chew marks on a cabinet drawer, you’ll often find smelly little “presents” left behind.

Mouse activity is obvious if you know what to look and listen for. Between the scratching sounds and the appearance of dust and wood fibers, you’ll have enough of a reason to call for a professional evaluation of the situation. Let Mice Mob Exterminators address your mouse problem and return your home to a quiet, safe environment.

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