The winter season is notorious for rodent infestation issues all across the Chicagoland area. Whether you rent your home or own it, or if you are a business or property owner, your chances of seeing a mouse skitter across your floor increases during the cold winter months. While you can inadvertently welcome rodents into your property year-round, rodents are especially prone to invading homes and businesses to seek shelter from snow, ice, and wind. Here are a few tips that can keep rodents away this season.

It Starts with Food
Rodents are hungry, and the winter season means there is less food around (or the food available requires a lot of work). For rodents, finding easily accessible food is a best case scenario, and they will stick around that food source for an indefinite amount of time. This winter, be sure your home or property doesn’t attract hungry rodents by keeping all food contained. In your kitchen, keep food in airtight containers, especially after you have opened boxes (like cereal or rice). However, rodents aren’t always looking for food in your kitchen – they can find it in the garage or shed as well. Put your cornhole bags in Rubbermaid containers and your pet food in durable containers as well.

Keep Things Clean
Rodents love places to hide, and cluttered garages, attics, or basements are full of cozy nooks where they can set up a home. Take time this winter to clear out the clutter in these often neglected areas. Put your items on shelves and organize them in order to keep rodent hiding spots few and far between.

Prevention Begins with Mice Mob
At Mice Mob Exterminators, we find we often get calls from customers after they have noticed signs of rodent infestation. We are certainly here to help in those situations and can eradicate the problem. However, property owners are often happier when they don’t have a rodent infestation in the first place. At Mice Mob Exterminators, we work with property owners to preventrodent problems from ever occurring. A quick tour of your property will help us give you a customized plan for preventing rodents from entering your home or business. Even better, we can get started in any season.

This winter, keep rodents from seeking refuge in your warm home. Enlist the help of Mice Mob Exterminatorsto let rodents know they are not welcome at your property. Give us a call to get started today.

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