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Tips for Choosing a Mouse Exterminator

Mice removal is not as straightforward as it may seem. In addition to mice elimination, proper mouse control in Chicago should entail mouse proofing and mice infestation solutions. For tips that will help you choose the right mouse exterminator for your needs, read on.

Look at Their Qualifications

A mice extermination specialist should have up-to-date licensure in the state of Illinois that is appropriate to the type of extermination that they propose to do. The company should regularly keep their employees updated on changes in regulations, mice prevention techniques, products, and safety.

Consider Experience

Ask the mice control company how long they have been in business. While years of business does not always equate to the best service, it does give some indication of the company’s success in serving customers. Ask them whether recently hired mice control specialists will be treating your property and, if so, what training they have been through. To get more specific, ask the company how much experience they have treating the specific mice problem you have.

Research Their Reputation

See if friends, family members, colleagues, or neighbors have recommendations for a mice control company. Do not look at the company’s advertisements for reliable information—instead, check the Better Business Bureau or the pesticide regulatory office in Illinois for information about complaints, violations, and other issues. Ask the mouse control company for customer references.

Gauge Their Value

Ask the company to give you an estimate for their services in writing. Ideally, estimates should be free. Get an estimate from more than one mouse control company and compare their services. Find out if the company offers a guarantee for their work.

Assess Their Customer Service

Are the employees attentive to your concerns, and do they address you with respect? Find out if the company is willing to discuss the products they use and other details of their treatment plan. Gauge whether the employees are able to explain the pest infestation and treatment to you in understandable terms.

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