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Disinfection After Extermination

Disinfect Your Chicago Property After Mice Removal

The disinfection process is a crucial step in the permanent removal of pests. Sporicidin is used by Mice Mob Exterminators to disinfect your attic or crawl space where the mice have been removed. Sporicidin is a chemical commonly used by pest exterminators to remove odors and scent trail left by the offending pests. Disinfecting your facility and removing scents serves multiple purposes:

  • Combats health hazards introduced by pests
  • Removes foul odors and freshens your facility
  • Removes scent trails that might attract more pests

Why We Chose Sporicidin

Mice Mob Exterminators uses Sporicidin because it is proven to be a safe, effective, and resilient treatment for pest odors and diseases. This product has the following benefits:

  • Cannot only clean, but disinfect and deodorize in just one step
  • Solution is ready to use and does not require dilution
  • Continually fights bacteria for up to six months
  • Can kill 100% of organisms that cause disease and odor
  • The product kills fungus, bacteria, viruses, mildew, and tuberculosis
  • Not harmful to surfaces made of plastic, treated wood, latex, glass, vinyl, metal, and glazed porcelain
  • Low toxicity

For more information about our Chicagoland mouse control and disinfection processes, call Mice Mob Exterminators at 312-833-1280!

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Mice Mob Exterminators - BBB Accredited Business - BBB Rating A+
Mice Mob Exterminators - BBB Accredited Business - BBB Rating A+

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