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Facts About House Mice in Chicago

Mice may be little, but they can cause big problems. House mice are some of the most common pests found throughout the Midwest and many other regions of the world.

  • The average house mouse is five to seven inches long and weighs half an ounce.
  • House mice can enter your home through a hole that is only the diameter of a standard pencil.
  • Female mice can have up to 10 litters each year with a gestational period of 19-21 days. Average litter size is five to six and young mature in six to 10 weeks.
  • The average lifespan of the house mouse is nine to 12 months. However, mice in your home enjoy protection and ready food and water, allowing them to live two to three times longer.
  • Mice are primarily nocturnal, meaning you will notice the most activity at night.
  • Mice must gnaw continuously to keep their teeth sharp. A house mouse may gnaw on wood, fabric, metal, foam, plastic, and even electrical wires or cabling.

What advice do you have for customers searching for a mouse exterminator?

Look for a company that provides a free inspections and estimates. In addition, make sure that they are properly licensed; this ensures that your family, your pets, and your home are all protected. In addition, they should also offer a 100% guarantee for at least a year, but make sure their guarantee is not to just retreat your home. If the company does not offer a solution to fixing ALL the entry points on your home, you are wasting money; rodents use scent trails and they continue to return. Finally, a mouse exterminator needs to offer a disinfectant to the inside of your home.

If you were a customer, what are some inside secrets you can share about mouse control in Chicagoland?

Our company stands out because of our permanent solutions. We noticed that most exterminating companies do not offer a 100% guarantee because of the following reasons:

  • Rodents are never completely exterminated
  • Areas of the rodents are not treated
  • Technicians that cannot locate each and every access point
  • The materials to used are still penetrable
  • Germs and bacteria from mice are not disinfected

What questions should I ask when trying to hire the right service professional?

Be sure to ask questions about the following topics:

  • Free inspections of the entire inside and outer perimeter of the house or building
  • Complete and thorough plan to exterminate rodents
  • Products that eliminates the rodents scent trail
  • 100% guarantee policies for at least a year

If you hear scratching noises and see mouse droppings in and around your property, you most likely have mice. As soon as you notice or hear any of these, it is ideal you contact your local Chicagoland mouse control company immediately.

Why is it important for me to rid my home of mice?

Mice are not only linked to numerous human diseases, such as the Hantavirus, but can also destroy items in your home including books, food, and furniture. The minute you suspect you have mice, please contact Mice Mob Exterminators.

Mice also carry diseases that can be transmitted via contaminated mouse urine or feces. These diseases include:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

Seasonal Mouse Behavior

Mice react to their environment with changes in behavior designed to improve their chances of survival. As the seasons change, an increase or decrease in mice populations and sightings may also follow.

  • House mice begin breeding in the early spring. This leads to a drastic increase in mice populations in the late spring as new mice reach physical maturity five to seven weeks after birth. Generally, most mouse sightings are reported between April and June, as natural food sources increase along with the temperature, which improves the chances of survival for house mice.
  • As the temperature drops and natural food sources grow scarcer, house mice tend to seek out the appealing shelter and food supplies found in human homes and buildings, where they like to build their nests. This leads to a second increase in mouse sightings, typically between October and November, when homeowners begin to notice the signs of mice nesting in their home.

Seasonal Mouse Control

Effective mice control takes advantage of seasonal changes and mouse behavior to eliminate mice from your home and prevent them from coming back. Your professional exterminator can develop a customized mouse pest control plan for your home—call Mice Mob Exterminators today at 847-744-9990 for a free estimate or the answers to your questions about mice prevention or extermination.

  • Even if you don’t see any mice in your home, winter is a good time to take steps toward effective mice control. Reducing mice populations during this quieter time means there will be fewer mice in the spring and summer, helping to prevent a mice infestation next year.
  • Mouse proofing your home during the spring and summer offers double benefits—not only will you enjoy a mouse-free home during warm weather when populations are high, but you’ll also avoid an infestation in the fall when mice look for ready shelter in which to nest.
  • Taking good care of your yard all year long will help to prevent mice from finding your property appealing. Keep your lawn and landscaping trimmed in the spring and summer, and clear away debris promptly in the fall and winter for effective mice control.

Mice Mob Exterminators offers permanent mouse control solutions for the Chicagoland area. If you still have unanswered questions, call us today at 847-744-9990. We are happy to assist you!

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