Mice Infestation

Common Warning Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Are you concerned that you may have mice in your home? Some worry is to be expected since mice invade tens of millions of homes every year. In addition, rodents can spread diseases to humans and pets. However, finding an errant mouse to be sure they are present can be tough. That’s why it’s important to know what signs to watch for.


When mice are in a home, they tend to defecate almost anywhere. You might find feces in bins, drawers, pantries, cupboards, or other areas where food is stored. If you do find droppings, it’s pretty clear that you have a mouse – and often you have far more than just one.

Droppings are about the size of a grain of rice and will most often be dark brown or black and shiny if they are fresh.


As you may find feces, urine can also be found. The urine will often be soaked up in whatever is nearby. When a mouse urinates, it comes out as a pillar that turns into a clump of urine, dirt, and grease. When looking closely, you’ll find drops that lead to them. However, this is best done with a black light.

Sounds or Sightings

Sightings are a sure sign of mice. If several are in the home, they may have trouble getting enough food. If you’ve seen one or more mice, there are likely many more in the home. Use a flashlight to look along the rafters and in cabinets. If you see them in daylight, you likely have several in the home. Sounds at night can also indicate mice are in the home.


Mice love to gnaw and chew on things of all kinds. Whether it’s food, wires, clothes, or walls, they are going to bite it. If the mice want to get around more easily, they’ll create many holes. If you store food in plastic containers, they’ll bite through them to gain access to the food.


Mice nests smell musty and if urine sits around, it can create an awful scent. Mice that die can also begin to rot and make the home nearly unbearable to live in. If you notice horrible odors and believe you might have mice, the best option is to bring in exterminators.

After you’ve determined there are mice present, the next step you should make is to speak with Mice Mob Exterminators. Our professionals can visit your home and get rid of mice and other pests who you may be sharing your space with. Get rid of them and make sure your home is safe so they won’t come back again.

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