Mouse Proofing

Methods Exterminators Use to Remove Mice

Perhaps you’ve tried all the DIY methods you know to get rid of mice but nothing has worked. You might be wondering if it’s time to bring in an exterminator to get rid of these nuisance rodents once and for all. But you might wonder how the process works. This blog will go into all the details you need.

The Steps Taken to Remove Mice From a Home

There are several steps that you can take to prevent mice in your home. The first is to remove all sources of food. Wash your dishes right after using them and make sure the counters are spotless. In addition, use airtight containers to store food and sweep or mop the floor regularly. All garbage should be secured and taken out often.

Sealing the entry points into your home is also essential. There’s no point in removing mice from a home if there are still ways for them to get inside. You’ll only end up in this situation again in the future. Openings even a quarter of an inch in size are large enough for mice to use to gain entry.

As such, eliminate these entrances, such as wall openings and foundation cracks. Sealants like steel wool and caulk are the best options. Rubber, plastic, and wood are all materials the mice can chew through. For your door, make sure to use weather stripping as an extra precaution.

The Use of Traps

When exterminators come to your home, they will use traps to catch the mice. These might be lethal traps or humane traps. Lethal traps use bait to lure in the mice before a mechanism kills them. These are typically used for mild to moderate infestations and get rid of the mice one at a time.

Humane traps are ventilated and have a door that clicks into place when a mouse enters. The mice enter to get the bait, step onto a trigger, and the door closes after them. The traps need to be watched carefully so live mice aren’t left in them for an extended period.

If you notice the signs of mice in the place you live, Mice Mob Exterminators can handle the situation far quicker and easier than you can. Plus, you can schedule ongoing inspections to ensure that no additional mice have made it into your home. Mouse-proofing solutions can be put in place to prevent issues in the future.

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