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Are DIY Mice Baits Effective and Safe?

If you know you have a mouse problem in your home, you may be tempted to look up ways you can deal with these rodents on your own. Yes, there are some DIY mouse bait recipes and other solutions online, but do they really work? More importantly, are they safe? You don’t want to put out any poisons or traps in your home if they could harm you, your children, or your pets.

They Aren’t Safe at All

Many of the DIY methods of getting rid of mice can kill your family pets, too. For example, one DIY solution suggests mixing some cement into other food and then leaving it where mice will eat it. When they drink water, the cement hardens and kills them. This would also kill your cat, dog, or any other pet you have. It could even cause problems for your child if your little one finds their way into the mixture. It’s simply not safe to have out in your home. The same goes for the homemade mouse traps and other mixtures. They can harm anyone who gets into them.

They Aren’t Humane

In addition to being unsafe, they’re also definitely not human. Killing an animal by filling its stomach with concrete is a very painful death. While you don’t want mice in your home, and you may even be okay with killing pests, it shouldn’t be done in a cruel way.

They Don’t Work as Well

Creating your own mousetraps may seem like a cheap way of getting rid of mice, but often, these traps simply don’t work. They’re not effective, especially if you aren’t sure where the mice spend most of their time. You may set these traps out and find nothing in them for weeks. Like DIY bait, these traps can also hurt your children and your pets.

If you have a mouse problem, you need an expert to help you contain and remove them. The team at Mice Mob Exterminators knows how to remove mice effectively and safely. Don’t try any DIY method that could injure others. Contact us today to discuss your pest control needs.

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