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Can You Notice Signs of Mice Around the House Before You See a Mouse?

Whenever you have a problem with mice, there are a lot of warning signs that go along with it. While they may be harder to spot when there are only a few of them, as the size of the infestation grows so will the red flags. If you have even the slightest suspicion that you are dealing with this kind of issue, it is important to immediately schedule an inspection. To help you know if you are facing this type of problem, here are a few common clues:


If you come across a bundle of newspaper, cloth, or other materials which have been bunched up into a nest this almost certainly point to a rodent invasion. Not only that but you also have to be concerned with the fact that they seem to be residing out in the open areas of your home and not in the attic or walls.


Mice droppings are a clear indicator that you need immediate pest control services. Many times they will not be out in the open where you can see them. They are usually in cabinets and pantries along their travel route to find food. They may also be in corners, behind furniture or appliances, or other places which are hidden from plain sight.

Bad Smell

As rodent feces and urine pile up inside the walls, the odor will begin to become more prevalent. If you have a pet you may notice them sniffing at the baseboards frequently. This is a sure sign that you have some type of rodent issue.

There are often many other tells which indicate that you may have a rodent problem. If you aren’t seeing a lot of warning signs then you may be fortunate that the population hasn’t grown too large. That means it is the best time to call in a professional pest control team.

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