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Can You Tell if a House You Want to Buy Has a Mouse Problem?

Buying a new home can be an exciting time. Thinking about the endless possibilities for each room, the amenities and features that you don’t have in your current home, and everything else that goes along with it can be a lot of fun. However, if that home comes with a group of unwanted house guests, that can change everything. Here are a few tips on finding out if your dream home has a nightmare problem:

Look for Identifying Marks on the Outside

As you walk around the exterior of the house, take a look for certain indicators or forced entry. Scratching and claw marks at the base of the house are one good sign. Teeth marks from gnawing are another. Additionally, if there are any gaps or crevices nearby, chances are they found their way inside.

Check for Track Marks Inside

Mice and rats like to stay close to the wall when traveling back and forth from their nesting area to where the food is. In fact, they stay so close to that wall that they rub up against it. The oil from their hair leaves stains and marks which are easy to identify.

Look in the Cabinets, Pantry, and Behind Appliances

This is where you will most likely find any droppings. Mice tend to stay in places where they can’t be seen. Because of this you will often find evidence of their presence where the food is, as well as where they are isolated from everything else.

Ask About an Inspection

Many times the homeowner or real estate agent will be open to the idea of bringing in a professional exterminator to check the place out. After all, they want to make a sale. Who wants to buy a home where the first thing they will have to do is hire a pest removal team?

Nobody wants to move into a home that has a mice infestation. If you have any doubts about the sanitation of a house you want to buy, or if you are getting ready to sell your own, contact the pest control professionals here at Mice Mob Exterminators. We can let you know within minutes what kind of problem you are dealing with.

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