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Will Relocated Mice Return to Your Home?

Relocating mice can be a humane option for a rodent infestation. Rather than killing them, you capture them and release them away from your house. However, you might wonder if this works. After all, you don’t want to go to all that trouble if the mice are just going to come back. We’ll share insight into this subject so you can decide whether the method is right for your needs.

Mouse Behavior

Mice are territorial, have strong homing instincts, and have a great sense of direction. Studies show they can get back to their home from several miles away. So, if you relocate a mouse too close to your home, it will likely come back. Their great sense of smell lets them find familiar areas and return to places they have already been.

Relocation Issues

There are several issues to be aware of when relocating mice. For instance, when mice move to new places, they face unique threats. They might have trouble avoiding predators and finding shelter and food, leading to a high mortality rate for relocated mice.

In addition, if there is already an established mouse population where you drop the new one, they might not be welcome. Established mice are territorial and will often drive off or attack relocated mice. Plus, relocating the mice doesn’t solve whatever caused them to enter your home.

Preventing Mice from Returning

There are several ways to prevent mice from coming back. Seal any entry points that might be used to enter. Look at areas near vents, pipes, and foundations. Don’t forget to check for gaps near doors and windows, too.

You should also eliminate food sources that mice rely on and reduce the clutter in your home. Simply cleaning up regularly can help you prevent mouse infestations. If this doesn’t help, consider getting professional help to deal with the situation.

Relocating mice can be a compassionate option, but it isn’t always effective. Their territorial behavior and homing instincts mean they can sometimes find their way back to your home. Rather than relocating mice, think about making your home less attractive to them. Keep it clean, eliminate food sources, and seal up entry points to get started. For the best results, contact Mice Mob Exterminators to ensure your home has no mice or rats inside.

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