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Can I Save My Furniture After a Mouse Invasion?

Discovering a mouse invasion in your home can be worrisome, not only due to the health risks these rodents pose but also because of the potential damage they can cause to your belongings, including furniture. Mice can chew through wood, fabric, and other materials, leaving your valued pieces in a sorry state. 

However, all hope is not lost – with prompt action and the right strategies, you can often salvage your furniture after a mouse invasion.

Assess the Damage

Before taking any action, assess the extent of the damage caused by the mice. Examine each piece of furniture closely to determine the areas that have been chewed or soiled. This will help you prioritize which items need immediate attention and which can be dealt with later.

Clean Thoroughly

Mice can carry dirt, urine, and droppings that lead to staining and odors on your furniture. Start by thoroughly cleaning the affected pieces. Use a mixture of mild soap and warm water to clean the surfaces, and consider using an enzymatic cleaner to neutralize any lingering odors. 

Be cautious with the type of cleaning products you use, as some harsh chemicals can further damage the furniture.

Repair Chewed Areas

If the mice have chewed through wood furniture, you might need to repair the damage. Small chew marks can sometimes be sanded down and refinished, while larger areas might require wood filler or epoxy to restore the surface. For fabric-covered furniture, consider patching small holes or replacing damaged sections with matching fabric.

Handle Fabric and Upholstery

If your upholstered furniture has been soiled or chewed, professional upholstery cleaning might be necessary. Many upholstery fabrics are delicate and can be damaged by harsh cleaning methods, so consult a professional to ensure the proper cleaning techniques are used. In cases of severe damage, you might need to consider reupholstering the furniture.

Prevent Future Infestations

After addressing the immediate issues, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent future mouse infestations. Seal any entry points that mice might use to enter your home. Keep food stored in airtight containers and maintain a clean environment to discourage rodents from sticking around.

Consider Professional Help

If the damage is extensive or you aren’t sure how to move forward, consider seeking help from professionals. Pest control experts who specialize in rodents can provide valuable services and advice to help you prevent additional damage and salvage your furniture. Reach out to us at Mice Mob Exterminators to speak with an expert today.

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