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Why Do Mice Keep Coming Back?

Having a mouse infestation can be very frustrating, but it’s even worse when you get rid of the mice and they come right back. You’re probably wondering exactly what causes them to keep revisiting your home. If you’ve put some DIY pest control methods into place, you might wonder why they aren’t working. We have all the details and will share them below.

Why Mice Come Back

There are three major reasons that you might be experiencing recurring mice infestations. The first is that mice reproduce quickly. Secondly, you could be doing things that draw them back in. Third, DIY options may not take care of the cause of the mice. 

Don’t worry; we’ll go into more detail about these things so you can make sure you get rid of the mice while having peace of mind that they won’t come back. 


A mouse problem can get more serious since mice reproduce quickly. They also start having babies at a very young age. A single female can have around 35 babies each year across several litters. A new litter may be birthed once a month or so.

After the mice are around six weeks old, they’ll also mate. That leads to even more babies in your home. You can see how this is a huge problem.

Drawing Mice In

Even if you have a clean home, you could have mice that keep coming back. There are many ways this can occur, such as the following:

  • Leaving pet food out
  • Using a bird feeder that isn’t pest-proof
  • Having gaps and holes in your home
  • Leaving doors and windows open
  • Keeping food in packages that aren’t air-tight

DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control can help but it doesn’t solve the problem of why mice are attracted to the home and how they are getting in. Since they breed fast, it’s hard to keep up with them and keep the numbers down. Once things get out of hand, you need more than DIY solutions to take care of the issue.

If you’re tired of mice returning to your home, you need to do something different to keep them out. When you work with Mice Mob Exterminators, we’ll work out how the mice are getting in and prevent it from occurring in the future. We can also provide tips to make your home less desirable by mice. Reach out today to get the process started. 

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