Health Risks

Negative Effects of Rodents in the Home

Mice can be annoying but they can create much bigger issues. They can spread disease, chew through electrical wires, and damage your property. If you wait to remove them, it’s harder to get rid of them.

If you think there may be mice in your home, bringing in an exterminator is the best option. Below we’ll discuss why rodents, like mice, can have a negative effect on your home and why you should have them removed immediately.

Mice Threaten Your Health

Rodents can carry a variety of diseases. Urine, feces, blood, and saliva from these pests can transmit many diseases, such as hantavirus and tularemia. They can also indirectly spread disease by carrying lice, ticks, and fleas into your home. However, the most common way that mice make people sick is by contaminating food. Droppings may be present that make people very sick.

Mice Can Cause Fires

It might seem crazy to hear that mice can cause fires, but it’s true. About 25% of house fires are chalked up to “unknown causes.” In some of those cases, rats or mice are the cause. Since rodents like to nibble on electrical wires, this causes damage. The wires can overheat and spark, which can lead to electrical fires. Rodent infestations are a serious threat and a huge fire hazard.

Mice Contaminate Food

Before a mouse can contaminate the food in your home, it has to get inside. However, once they are in your home, they are very proficient at getting into stored foods. Both rats and mice have an impressive sense of smell. They can take a sniff and locate food through walls, doors, and containers. Some mice make their way into homes because they smell food on the inside.

Mice Create Structural Damage

Mice like to build nests, gnaw on things, and eat. This can lead to damage to your home. They work through walls to get to food and can damage insulation or weatherproofing products as they do so. In addition, they chew on paper, fabric, and plastic. They can damage furniture, ruin books, and more.

If signs of a rodent infestation are present, it’s time to call Mice Mob Exterminators. They can help determine how bad the infestation is and the best method to remove the mice. This limits how long you need to live with mice and can save you money compared to DIY methods that often do not work.

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