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Foods That Attract Mice to Your Home

As long as humans have existed, mice have been a nuisance to them. These rodents don’t need a ton of food and eat nearly anything, which makes an infestation bad news. It doesn’t help that mice gnaw on things, spread disease, and could contaminate your food.

After mice have a nest established, getting rid of them is challenging. That’s why it’s best to avoid leaving out things that might attract them. Below are a few foods to be aware of and keep secure to have better luck staving off these rodents.

Berries and Other Fruit

One of the things mice love most is fruit. If you have blackberry bushes or strawberry plants, make sure to pick the fruit regularly so the mice don’t have an easy source of food. Pears and apples are also enjoyed by mice so pick up fallen fruit as soon as possible. Check for signs of mice gnawing on the fruit on the branches.

Grains and Seeds

Mice will go into bird feeders for seeds, try to get into grain storage bins, and enter your home for sunflower seeds, oats, and other baking materials. Watch bird feeders and keep animal feed, grain, and seed in a tightly sealed container. Baking mix, flour, seeds, and oat should also be stored in resealable bins.


Mice enjoy the protein found in cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, and other nuts. These should always be in sealed containers. Don’t store these items in the garage or outside where mice can get to them. Rodents also love almond butter, peanut butter, and hazelnut spread so keep these refrigerated if mice might be near.

Meat and Animal Fat

Mice might prefer grains, seeds, and nuts, but they also enjoy meat. Hot dogs, pork, beef, jerky, and bacon can attract mice and other rodents. Make sure your skillets and pans are clean and jerky or lard is in a secure container. If you are throwing away any kind of meat, tie it in a plastic bag and empty the trash quickly. Even the scent of meat could bring mice to your house.

Proper sanitation and food storage can keep mice from being attracted to your home. Keep things uncluttered and tidy to avoid areas where mice might make nests. If you already have mice, your best option is to bring in Mice Mob Exterminators. They can handle the problem and help you avoid new mice moving in.

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