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How to Prevent Mice From Nesting This Fall

Fall weather can bring pests into your house. Shelter from the elements, along with food, are a wild animal’s first concern. You won’t even notice the arrival of many of these animals, since they locate themselves in your attic, inside walls, or in an attached garage. Here are some ways to discourage mouse nesting when the colder weather comes.

Mind The Gap

The most important measure of prevention you can take is closing and sealing as many gaps, cracks, and voids in your house as you can find. Mice are very good at finding points of entry, and if those points are too small, they will simply make them bigger. And a typical house mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. Wherever possible, install metal screens with a small wire gauge over roof vents and under the eaves. The ventilation will work just as well, and you’ll eliminate easy entry. And fill voids in siding material with the application of caulking.

Family Values

Mice build nests for one reason, which is to raise their young. Once an invading mouse or two have established themselves inside your house, nest building and family raising become a top priority. Mice will travel a certain distance to find things to use for nest building, but they prefer to find these materials close at hand. Mice typically stay within about 30 feet of their nests.

Clean House

Yard debris, old newspapers, packing material from shipping boxes, and the boxes themselves, are all top choices for the construction of mouse nests. The less of this stuff you have laying around, the better. Mice will often forego a nesting location if there is nothing available nearby for construction.

Sanitizing your house will not prevent mice from nesting, but poor sanitation will certainly attract them to your location. It gives them an environment that allows them to thrive in greater numbers. Detailed cleaning also reduces scattered food and shelter materials for any mice that may already be in and around your home and enhances the effectiveness of other pest control measures.

When you need mice removed from your home, call Mice Mob Exterminators for fast, safe solutions. Meanwhile, you can take steps to reduce the chances of an infestation that arrives with fall weather.

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