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Top 3 Mouse Trap Types to Avoid

Let’s take a look at three popular mouse trap types, and explore their effectiveness, ease of use, and consequences. None of them are very expensive, and all claim to be the most effective.

1. Snap Traps

The snap trap is designed to crush the spine, or possibly the head of its victim. It is activated by a powerful spring, and baited with the user’s choice of enticing food – usually peanut butter or cheese. A mouse tries to eat the bait, the spring-loaded metal bar is triggered, and the mouse is instantly crushed. Or so goes the plan.

Snap traps are the absolute least efficient way to kill pests. They only kill one animal at a time, and they must be re-baited and reset after each use. Sometimes the bait is taken away without triggering the trap. Sometimes the victim is not killed, merely injured, and now you have a live, injured mouse to deal with.

2. Glue Boards

A glue board is just what it sounds like – a wooden or plastic board with an adhesive surface. It lacks the dangerous mechanical components of a snap trap, which means you stand a much better chance of not getting your own fingers smashed while setting it up. Bait is placed, and an unsuspecting mouse steps on the glue board and is…well, glued in place. It definitely does not kill the victim, and once again you have a live animal to deal with… unless the mouse has died of starvation after an hours-long struggle. And they are not reusable.

3. Poison Traps

Poison traps kill by causing internal hemorrhaging, which is fairly gruesome if the victim wanders into the kitchen before dying. They do have the advantage of killing multiple animals, but they can be dangerous to your family and your pets. That means they can only be used safely inside walls and ceilings. Once dead, the victims slowly rot. If that happens in walls or ceilings, you have a whole new problem to deal with.

Mice Mob Exterminators are here to safely and quickly eliminate your mouse problem, with industry-standard, state-of-the-art traps. We handle everything, so you don’t have to injure yourself, dispose of dead animals, or risk poisoning.

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