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How Furniture Damage Can Indicate a Mouse Infestation

If you are wondering whether or not your house has a mouse problem, you will want to be on the lookout for certain signs. While you may be familiar with some common signs of mice, such as droppings and nests, there are other signals that can clue you in to a mouse infestation on your property. For example, your mice exterminator in Chicago may look at the condition of your furniture to get to the bottom of your house mice infestation.

There are a couple of ways that furniture damage can indicate a mouse infestation. Since a mouse’s teeth grow continuously, an adult mouse must regularly chew on wood and other carbon materials. When mice invade your property, they may gnaw on the wooden legs of tables, chairs, and other furnishings. Mice may also nibble on upholstered furniture to access the fluffy materials that they need to build their nests. After you create a mouse proof house, you will be able to keep your furniture in pristine condition.

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