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Where You Should Check for Mice Invasions

Are you worried about an infestation of mice? These determined rodents can get into your home through various avenues. Below, you’ll learn some of the most common ways they get in the house and where to check to see if you have a full-on invasion.

Where Do They Enter the Home

Often, mice get into the home through preexisting holes. If you have a door with a gap beneath it, mice could slip underneath. They could get in through the garage if you leave the door open. Other areas they can enter the home include chimney flashing, cracks in the foundation, wall, and dryer vents, and open basement windows.

Look for entry points around the house and then search for signs of mice. This will include droppings, chew marks, bits of fur, and pieces of food. Keep in mind that mice can squeeze through tiny holes.

When looking for signs of an invasion, check areas where mice spend their time in the home. The garage, the attic, and the kitchen are prime spots. Check the cupboards from top to bottom, beneath and behind the refrigerator, and the dark and cluttered areas in the garage and attic. Look at any pet food you keep in bags for signs of chewing. When you notice signs of an infestation, it’s time to get help.

Contact the Exterminators

Mice want to get inside your home for several reasons. They see it as a safe and warm place to live and raise a family. The mice also soon realize that you have a lot of food in there to keep them fat and happy. They don’t want to leave.

Once they have a hold in your house, simple traps aren’t enough. You can’t keep up with how much they breed. You need the experts. Contact a professional extermination company to handle the mouse issue. Check to see if they can disinfect your home, as well.

Prevent Future Invasions

Remember all of the common entry points in your home and make sure they are fixed. This will help to reduce the risk of another mouse problem. Mice Mob Exterminators can take care of your current rodent infestation and can often provide you with some fixes and preventative measures to take in the future, as well. Take their advice and turn your home into a fortress against rodents.

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