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Scent Trails and Your Mouse Problem

If you find evidence of mice in your home, you want them gone as soon as possible. However, even after a successful extermination treatment, did you know that mice could return? It’s true. It is crucial to take care of mouse scent trails in order to eliminate them from returning.

What are Scent Trails?

Mice are social creatures, traveling in groups. They communicate with one another using pheromones, or chemicals that are designed to be picked up from other mice. When a mouse leaves pheromones around for others to detect, it is leaving a scent trail. These scent trails are meant to give other mice a path to follow, potentially leading more mice right into your home.

How Can I Protect My Home?

The first step in eliminating mice from your home is getting rid of the mice that are already there. It is wise to work with professional exterminators for this step. The team at Mice Mob Exterminators are well versed with finding where mice are hiding and using family-safe bait to eliminate the problem. 

Once the current mouse problem is taken care of, it is time to prevent further rodent visitors by sealing up food and closing up points of entry on your home. It is also wise to eliminate scent trails so other mice are not following the path to your door. When you work with Mice Mob, we pay special attention to eliminating scent trails through a  thorough cleaning. The cleaning solution and methods we use are designed to eliminate pheromone trails from mice, which makes the process especially effective.

It’s not your responsibility to become an expert on mice scent trails. It’s our job. Let our team protect your home by eliminating your mouse problem and preventing more problems in the future. Call our team of experienced professionals today to get started.

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