Mouse Proofing

Keeping Your Home Mouse-Free This Winter

Mouse-proofing is a necessary task no matter the time of year. With colder weather coming soon, though, mice might be particularly tempted to make your warm home their new residence. Continue reading for a few ways to have a mouse-proof house in Chicago this winter.

Store Food Correctly

The most important step in keeping your house mouse-free is to store all your food correctly. Your pantry is one of the most vulnerable areas of your house, especially if you do not contain your food in secure containers. Keep cereals, flour, granola, and other loose or vulnerable foods in plastic containers that will resist the force of mice teeth. Mice can easily infiltrate a cardboard box or plastic bags. Transferring your uncontained food into secure, plastic containers is one of the first steps in mouse-proofing your home this winter.

Fill in Holes and Gaps

In addition to securing your food, look throughout your house for holes or gaps that mice can enter through. Mice can enter through a hole that is the size of quarter; even if a gap or hole seems too small, a mouse can probably fit through it. Look throughout your property and house for any holes and gaps. Stuff steel wool in the gap, cover it with caulking, and then cover the caulk and gap with a steel mesh. This will deter mice from entering your house.

Remain Aware of Nests

Even with the previous mice prevention tips in place, your house may still be vulnerable to mice, especially during the cold winters. Mice may make a home for themselves in a warm area of your basement, crawlspace, or between the walls. To prevent a mice infestation, remain aware to the various signs of mice around your house. Look for nests in dark corners or rarely-used rooms. Watch out for pellet-sized droppings or holes in your clothing and furniture. Mice may use your linens to make their nests, so always be on the lookout for signs of nest-building in your house.

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