Mice Infestation

How Mice Get Into Your Home

If you want to enjoy a house that is free of contamination and disease, it helps to understand a little bit about mouse proofing in Chicago. Home mouse control can help you avoid serious illnesses like salmonella, and it can even protect your belongings from damage due to gnawing. In order to understand how to keep mice out of your home, you need to find out how they get into your home. From there, you can take the necessary preventative steps to practice efficient mice removal. Continue reading to learn how mice can make their way into your home.

A mouse might find a way into your living space for a few reasons. Just like people, mice need food, water, and shelter in order to survive; just like people, mice will seek these necessary elements in homes. A mouse can fit into extremely small spaces that you might not expect, so make sure you eliminate any gaps or cracks that might provide access to your home. Proper mouse proofing might include caulking cracks along windows and doorways or adding a sweep to the bottom of an exterior door. Your mouse exterminator can help you protect your specific home from infestation.

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