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Materials Mice Use for Nests

Like other mammals, mice require shelter for their survival. When a female mouse is preparing to raise a litter, she will create a nest for her young. Nests are among the top signs of a mice infestation in a house. If you have started to notice the signs and symptoms of mice around your property, do not hesitate to get in touch with a mice exterminator serving Chicago With tried and tested mouse extermination techniques, your exterminator will be able to rid your home of a rodent problem. To help you spot mice around your indoor spaces, here is a look at some of the materials that mice use for nesting.

Furniture Stuffing

When a mouse has taken up residence inside of your home, he or she will rely on materials that are found around your indoor spaces. Since mice prefer to build their nests out of soft, fluffy materials, they will often use furniture stuffing as a base for their homes. In order to obtain furniture stuffing, a mouse will need to chew a hole through the upholstery, resulting in unsightly damage.

Pieces of Paper

Paper makes an appealing nesting material for many species of mice. Since paper is readily available throughout a home, there is a good likelihood that a nesting mouse will raid your paper products when creating a nest. When a mouse uses paper to create a nest, he or she will nibble small pieces out of a larger sheet. Nibble marks on your paper goods could point to a mouse infestation in the home.

Grass and Twigs

Mice that live in natural environments often construct their nests out of grass, twigs, and other botanical materials. As a mouse infestation moves indoors, the mouse colony may bring some of these nesting objects with them. In the event that you start to notice piles of grass and twigs in hidden spaces around your house, you may be dealing with the beginning of a mouse problem.

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