Health Risks

What are the Health Risks of Exposure to Mice?

Pests are unwanted in homes for a variety of reasons; they may chew through your furniture, leave droppings on the ground, and generally violate your personal space. House mice in Chicago, IL are one type of pest that also presents the threat of disease, putting you and your family in danger. Continue on if you are interested in learning about the health risks of exposure to mice.

Diseases and Conditions

House mice may come into your home bearing a plethora of diseases that are harmful to human health. Among the health risks a mice infestation may pose are rat bite fever, leptospirosis, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Rat bite fever results from direct contact with house mice and may result in long-term to permanent damage. Symptoms generally appear between three days and three months of having been bitten or scratched, and may include headaches, chills, and vomiting. Those who develop leptospirosis tend to experience similar symptoms with the addition of jaundice and diarrhea, and failure to treat this condition may lead to meningitis, kidney damage, or even death. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, or HPS, does not require contact and can be transmitted through inhalation of urine or feces, sometimes leading to death.


Mouse proofing is essential when it comes to protecting your family from the diseases and conditions that may be brought on via mice infestation. Fortunately, mice control can be relatively easy. Make sure you install door sweeps on any door that leads into and out of your household so that mice cannot sneak in. Since they are capable of fitting into very small areas, it is a good idea to seal any gaps in your windows and doors and replace any broken screens or panes. Remember, a mouse proof house is a much safer house.

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