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Is Your Teenager’s Room Attracting Rodents?

Most parents of teens or tweens can attest to their lackluster housekeeping habits. While some teenagers appreciate a clean room, the majority of teens need some prodding to assure their space stays relatively neat. If your child’s room is messy more often than not, you may be giving rodents a safe haven right in the heart of your home.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons why your child’s messy room could be attracting rodents.

Plenty of Room to Hide
Rodents love cozy spaces that offer them plenty of hiding spots. They want to go unnoticed and thrive in dark corners or under furniture. Your teen’s room offers plenty of hiding spots for rodents, including under the bed, in the far corner of their closet, or even under the dresser. To combat this problem, be sure your teen’s room undergoes a thorough deep cleaning at least every three months. Flip the mattress, pull out whatever is lurking under the bed, and tidy that closet.

Access to Food
If your teenager is taking snacks or meals to their rooms and not removing the crumbs, plates, or silverware, rodents can begin to count on an endless supply of food. To keep rodents away, make a no food in your room household rule. If you can’t stop your child from munching in their room, be sure all crumbs, wrappers, and utensils are returned to the sink immediately.

Warm Environment
Your child’s room offers protection for rodents as well as warmth. While you can’t turn down the heat in your teen’s room, you can be sure you are encouraging clean habits.

Your best step in rodent management at your home is prevention. Assure you are working with your entire family to keep your house free of rodents. We recommend working with our professionals for comprehensive prevention and for extermination. The team at Mice Mob Exterminators has years of experience eliminating rodents from homes and businesses throughout Chicagoland. Give us a call today for a free consultation, and we will outline a plan for your specific situation.

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