Mice Infestation

Where Do Mice Nest in My Home?

Mice and other rodents build nests to care for their offspring. They often look for a warm, protected place to build their nest, which can lead to them seeking shelter in residential homes. Are there certain places where mice will build their nests? Keep reading to find out. 

Common Mice Nest Locations

While their preferred locations will depend on the layout of your home and other factors, there are some common places they’ll build their nest. If you think you may have a mice infestation, check in these areas for a nest:

  • Sheds
  • Closets
  • Basements
  • Storage rooms
  • Garages
  • Inside walls
  • Inside upholstery
  • Vegetation near your home
  • Behind kitchen appliances

What Does a Mice’s Nest Look Like?

You’re looking for a mouse nest, but how will you know you found it? Mice will usually use whatever material they can find close to where they reside. Some common materials they utilize are furniture stuffing, paper, and twigs or grass. 

A mouse nest will be a ball-shaped structure about four to six inches in diameter. You may also find a mouse nest built by loosely piling the same materials together, like wood chips, pellets, or fills from hamster cages. 

Other signs that you’ve found the nest will be droppings and scavenged food around the nest. Another common sign of mouse activity is a lack of cobwebs in a typically unbothered area of your home. This is because the mice will eat spiders or insects near their nest. 

How Many Mice Live in a Nest?

A house mouse typically only lives nine to 12 months, but the species is known for breeding rapidly. The mice in your home can begin breeding 40 days after birth. Female mice give birth to pups three weeks after carrying them, and litters are usually between 10 and 12.

An average mouse nest will be home to one to two dozen mice. Of course, the number can vary based on the size of the nest, the age of the mice living there, and the presence of other nests nearby. 

What to Do If You Find a Nest?

If you find a mouse nest in your home, contact Mice Mob Exterminators immediately. Our skilled technicians will come out and investigate the problem. From there, they can quickly remove the mice infestation from your home and get you back to your rodent-free home.

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